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Amusement Rides for Hire

No Fete, Fair, Festival, or Fun Day is complete without the fun, excitement and spectacle of fairground rides and attractions. From Jumping Castles to Dodgem Cars, Super Slides to Merry-Go-Rounds, Tea Cups to Wave Swingers; Hurricanes to Round Ups; all ages can enjoy a wide range of festive entertainment.

Amusement Rides for Hire is the most comprehensive directory of ride operators in Australia, with coverage in all States and Territories. If your organisation is planning a Special Event in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, ACT or NT please click on the associate link for your state, which will direct you to a list of reputable operators who services your area.

Fetes, Fairs and Festivals Directory

If your organisation is planning a Special Event, there no better way of promoting the day, than on the national Fetes Fairs and Festivals website. Listings can be made free of charge, and cover all major cities and regional areas in Australia. The Fetes Fairs and Festivals directory is also a fabulous source of Special Event details, for those looking for fun, excitement, fine food, wonderful entertainment and a great day out for all.

Services and Suppliers

For those planning to hold a Fete, Fair, Festival or Special Event, the Services and Suppliers directory may be of assistance. From Food Trucks to Fireworks Displays; Party Entertainers to Stage Hire; Laser Skirmish to Rock Climbing Walls - links to a wide range of industry related services are easily located on this web page.

DISCLAIMER: The administrators of this web page gives no warranty as to abilities of Amusement Ride operators, insurance of Amusement Ride operators and the accuracy of the information contained on this/or their website/facebook page. Each individual is encourage to make their own enquiries with whichever Amusement Ride operators they choose.

Rides! Rides! Rides!

Amusement rides for hire are normally classified into four basic groups: Major Rides, Family Rides, Children's Rides, and Interactive Attractions.

Major rides include the large spectacular attractions that feature high excitement and thrills. Dodgem Cars, Cha Cha, Round Up, Paratrooper, Miami Trip, Hurricane and Wave Swinger are just a few of the popular major amusements rides hired for a wide range of community events such as Fetes, Fairs, Festivals and Fun Days.

Family Rides are enjoyed by all ages, where parents can join their children. The Super Slide, Cup & Saucer, and Trackless Train are classic examples of family rides that have become the cornerstone of many special events.

Children's Rides cater for the toddler's through to primary age children and typically include the Merry-Go-Round, Jumping Castles, Mini Swings, Mini Pirate Ship, Inflatables Slides, and various styles of Platform & "Jet" Rides.

Interactive Attractions include various types of fun games and entertainment, where participants are actively involved in the operation of the attraction. The Mechanical Bull, Mechanical Surfboard, Bungee Run, Gladiator Challenge, Rock Climbing Wall, Zorb Balls, Bumper Balls, and Laser Skirmish are some of the more popular types of Interactive Attractions.

Agricultural Shows

Agricultural shows are an important part of cultural life in small country towns, and a popular event in larger towns and cities throughout Australia. Shows range is size from small events in country towns usually lasting two days, through to multi-day extravaganzas, which may run for up to two weeks featuring live entertainment and fireworks. There's no better place to experience the fun and excitement of fairground attractions, than at everyone's favourite amusement destination - Sideshow Alley.

Choosing the attractions for your Event

Every event is different, so your amusement ride requirements are unique. Determining factors include local demographics, the frequency of the event, the type of event being held, the time of the event (day or evening), number of people in attendance, their age, whether the event is to raise funds or simply for entertainment, the area available, site access and the budget.

New suburbs in developing regions, along with inner-city suburbs in trendy areas, attract young families. Therefore, events held in these areas should include amusements rides that are suited to younger children and their parents. Older, more established suburbs need to cater for a wider age group from toddlers through to teens.

Regular events tend to look for variety in their entertainment, which maintains the public's interest, enthusiasm and attendance. In this case, the ride mix may change from year to year, as new concepts are introduced to "spice up" the festivities.

Day-time events see a high proportion of young children in attendance, whereas evening events - particularly those with Fireworks - also attract the older children & teenagers.

Organisers of fund-raising events such as school fetes and fairs, traditionally hire amusement rides which feature large capacity. Not only do high capacity rides give the best financial returns, the higher the throughput, the shorter the queues......and the fewer the complaints!

On the other hand, events such as Corporate Fun Days or Sporting Presentations don't have quite the same high ratio of children to rides, which allows organisers to include low capacity Interactive Attractions such as the Bucking Bull or the Rock Climbing Wall.

Height Restrictions are another consideration. Events which offer Ride Pass wristbands Passes need to include attractions that are accessible to the majority of ages present at the event. There's little point in featuring an extreme major ride with a 1.3m minimum height requirement at a primary school fete, where most of the children are aged Prep to 11 years, as the attraction will be either inaccessible or "too wild" for a large proportion of the children present.

Flat-Rate Hire or 80/20 Commission

The Flat-Rate Hire Contract involves the amusement operator supplying the required attractions for a predetermined period. All booked items are set up and supervised by the contractor's staff for the duration of the hire. The hirer (event organiser) decides whether the attractions are accessed "free of charge" or on a "pay as you go" Ticket/Ride Pass system. If admission is via Tickets and/or Ride Passes, the hirer retains all income from total ride sales.

The Contracted Hire Fee is due to the Amusement Provider at the completion of the event, irrespective of takings. Under a Flat-Rate Hire contract, the Hirer accepts all risks as to weather, attendance and income.

Individual ride operators will be happy to provide a comprehensive Price List with their quote, which outlines the costs involved in hiring their attractions along with other requirements such as area, power, access etc.

Depending on the type and size of the event, fairground attractions may also be available on an 80/20 Commission basis. Under this format, ride operators provide, set up and supervise their attractions free of charge. At the completion of the event, the amusement operator pays the event organiser 20% of total ride income, from the sale of tickets and/or Ride Passes.

Under an 80/20 Profit-Share Contract, the event organiser accepts no financial obligation to the amusement provider, in terms of hire fees, sales or operating costs. The Amusement Operator accepts all risks as to weather, attendance and income.

Dry Hire Inflatables

Inflatable amusements devices, including Jumping Castles and Interactive Attractions, are sometimes available on a "Dry Hire" or "Supervise Yourself" basis. These inflatables are usually low-cost, Asian imports of relatively poor quality. The inflatables are delivered and set up by the Operator, then left for the Hirer to supervise during the course of the event.

A requirement of the "Dry Hire" Contract, is that the Hirer must sign a disclaimer. By signing the disclaimer, the Hirer accepts all responsibility as to any legal claim that may result from a personal injury received by a member of the public during the hire of the amusement device.

Unfortunately, most "Hirers" are under the false impression that they are fully protected by their own organisation's Public Liability Insurance Policy. WRONG! Unless the organisation's Public Liability Insurance Policy specifically includes the "Operation of amusement devices" on their Policy AND lists each individual amusement device in use - you will not be covered by the policy and have no insurance cover!

What happens in the event of an accident? The injured party will seek compensation from the Hirer, as the Hirer has signed a Disclaimer accepting all responsibility. If the Hirer is an organisation, which is not fully covered by Public Liability Insurance, the Organisation's members will be personally liable.

Every Amusement Device must be set up and supervised according to Australian Standards, which are a specific set of rules and guidelines for the safe operation of amusement rides. These guidelines include the requirements that all inflatables must be:

  • Designed and manufactured to Australian Standards
  • Adequately secured and anchored by the use of pegs or weights, in accordance with the manufacturer's specification
  • Fully fenced to prevent unauthorised access
  • Supervised at all times by a person who is at least 18 years of age, and who is fully trained in all aspects of safe operation
  • Installed with adequate perimeter/safety mats

If an accident occurs on an amusement device that has not been correctly set up and supervised in accordance to Australian Standards, the claim for damages could be substantial.

As they say in the legal industry - "Where there's blame there's a claim".

Please ensure all amusement rides hired for your special event are set up and supervised in a professional and safe manner by reputable amusement operators that own them. Discounted "Dry Hire" bookings may save a few dollars on the day of the event, though could well result in an expensive legal bill should an accident or injury occur. It's simply not worth the risk.

Selecting a reputable Ride Provider

Like all types of business, the quality of the service provided in the amusement industry varies from operator to operator. It's in your best interest to ensure the amusement rides are being hired from a professional and reputable operator, as the success of your event can be directly determined by the operator's reliability, punctuality, presentation and safety.

By earning a reasonable profit, professional amusement operators can afford to re-invest a portion of their income into rigorous maintenance schedules. This includes regular servicing, engineer's inspections, and equipment upgrades. The end result is a high quality service featuring the very best in appearance, reliability and safety. So don't base your choice of amusement provider on price alone, as in most cases, you only get what you pay for.

Ride presentation is a good indication of the professionalism of the operator. Look for a provider with modern, well maintained equipment, that's professionally supervised by well-presented staff.

Ask all prospective operators for a comprehensive list of references - particularly from reputable long-standing clients. Also request a list of events the operator will be attending, so that you can observe their attractions "in action".

Ensure all mechanical Amusement Devices are registered with their associated State Workplace Health and Safety Departments; have been annually inspected by a qualified Engineer; and are covered by Public Liability Insurance.

Contacting Your Local Ride Operator

There are two basic types of Amusement Operators in Australia; Travelling Showmen and Amusement Ride Hire Operators.

Travelling Showmen traditionally move from town to town, attending the local Community Show or Festival. Travelling Showmen generally have a set schedule, as all local/regional/major Shows are held in sequence along a particular route or "show run". Showmen may be available for other events, depending on their location at the time, and other commitments.

Alternately, Amusement Ride Hire operators are permanently based in a fixed location. The area of service depends on the operator, though generally, Hire Operators will travel no more than three to four hours from their location. Operators are less inclined to travel long distances during the busy Spring Fair to Christmas period, than they would during the quieter months.

If your organisation is planning a special event in a remote area of Australia, and do not have an amusement operator based locally, your best chance of booking rides is to hold the event early in the year when operators are more inclined to travel....or when a Showmen is attending an event nearby.

What is Supplied with an Amusement Ride booking?

All professionally owned and operated Amusement Ride companies will provide the following as part of either a Flat-rate Hire or Profit-sharing arrangement:

  • The contacted Amusement Devices in proper working order.
  • Full set up and Pack up of the devices.
  • Full safety and perimeter fencing.
  • Fully trained staff to supervise the attractions during the hire.
  • All power requirements for attractions requiring three-phase power.
  • $10-$20 million Public Liability Insurance.
  • National Plant Registration for all Mechanical Devices.
  • Annual Engineer's Inspection Certificates for all mechaincal devices.
  • Access to All Log Books containing Service History and Training.

A fully-trained and documented Ride Operator's staff member must be supervising each attraction at all times.

Amusement Ride Safety

Millions of people enjoy amusement rides every year with very few incidents because of the safety systems that have been put in place. Ride manufacturers design safety into the ride hardware and specify procedures for the ride operators to follow. The goal is for you to have a fun experience while maintaining a high level of safety for you and the other riders.

Obey Height Limits

Amusement ride manufacturers specify minimum and maximum heights for riders according to how their ride is designed to safely carry patrons. Riders that are too small or too large may not be properly restrained by the safety equipment of the ride. Don't argue with a ride operator who will not permit an under-sized child on an attraction. He is just doing his job and is looking out for the safety of his guests.

You Should Be Fit To Ride

Many rides create forces and speeds that may be physically challenging to some riders and may cause injury to those with pre-existing conditions. Riders must be in good health to ride. Those who have had recent surgery, expectant mothers, those with high blood pressure, heart conditions, neck or back problems, and those with any impairment or condition that would prevent normal seating or use of the safety restraints as provided should not ride. Patrons that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol also should not ride. If there are any doubts as to you or your child's condition, do not ride.

Watch The Ride Run Before Riding

It is important that riders know what to expect before getting on a ride. Observe how the operator loads and unloads riders and what motions the ride will put you through during its routine. Also watch if it seems to running smoothly and that the operator is attentive or distracted. If you don't feel comfortable, don't ride. Keep All Body Parts Inside The Ride You are instructed to hang on while riding and keep hands, arms, legs, long hair, etc. within the ride.

Use The Safety Equipment Provided

Do not attempt to unfasten a lap bar, seat belt, or shoulder restraint until the operator tells you to. If these restraints are not properly fastened before the ride begins don't be afraid to ask the operator to come back and secure it for you.

Behave in an appropriate manner

Some riders get bored with the motion of the ride and attempt to create movement of their own by trying to rock, roll, tip over, swing, or bounce up and down. This can be a dangerous activity and can cause the ride operator to shut the ride down to avoid a malfunction or injury. Wait Until The Ride Stops To Exit Some riders are so anxious to get to the next ride that they try to jump off before the ride stops and get injured. Wait until the operator instructs you to exit before getting off. Don't Pressure Anyone To Ride Some people are afraid to ride but will go along with their friends or family and get on the ride anyway. Occasionally one of them is injured trying to get off the ride while it is still in operation as they are uncomfortable or even terrified. Parents should not force a child to ride if the child does not want to participate, as they are the most likely to try to get out of their restraints and jump off.

Be Responsible For Your Children

Amusement parks, fairs, and carnivals are not responsible for unsupervised children. A parent or guardian should accompany them and be responsible for their safety. Do not send a seven year old to watch a three year old child on amusement rides. Children are often too young to read the posted rules of the ride and the ride operator is often counting on a responsible adult to explain them to their child.

Be A Good Spectator

Ride operators are trained to watch the ride as it operates and if the riders are following the rules. It distracts them when a parent leans over the fence and high fives their child's outstretched hand. Parents have even been known to try to get their child to stand up so they can take their photo while riding. Teens have been known to throw things at their friends on the ride or the operator while the ride is in full motion.

Report Hazards

If you see a condition that you think is not safe, report it to the ride supervisor. If you are injured or see someone else get injured you should report it to the ride operator or the manager. This also pertains to the destruction of property, horseplay, or patrons in unauthorized areas that could lead to injuries.

Rider Responsibility

Patrons have a duty to exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner while using the amusement ride, device, or attraction and to obey all oral or written warnings, or both, prior to or during participation, or both. Patrons have a duty to not participate in or on any amusement ride, device, or attraction when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Patrons have a duty to properly use all ride or device safety equipment provided."

Public Liability Insurance

PLEASE NOTE! When amusement rides are in operation, each device must be covered by Public Liability Insurance. The Public Liability Insurance policy must list "the operation of amusement devices" on the Policy, and individually list each device that will be in operation at that event.

General Public Liability Insurance Policies covering organisations such as Schools, Sporting Clubs and Associations will not legally cover the organisation, in the event of an amusement ride accident.

You must ensure the Ride Provider has full Public Liability Insurance and will be supplying a trained employee to supervise the attraction at your event.

Many "backyard" amusement operator offer attractions on a dry-hire or "supervise yourself" basis. The operator then requires the Hirer to sign a Disclaimer, absolving the Ride Provider from any responsibility should an accident occur. In this case, your own Insurance Policy will not cover you, nor will that of the Operator's.

Should an accident occur on an amusement device such as a Jumping Castle, Laser Skirmish or Interactive Inflatable, and a fully-trained Ride Operator's employee is not present supervising the attraction, the hirer will be deemed negligent and be fully accountable for damages - with no insurance!